Wildfires – Commercial

Environmental Risks In COMMERCIAL PROPERTY



What You Need to Know

Every wildfire carries a unique signature or an assemblage of characteristic particles (similar to DNA) that will clearly confirm impact from that particular fire

If the correct assemblage of particles is not present, there is no impact from the wildfire

Most black particles in structures are NOT related to wildfire but are from sources such as tire wear and are not related to combustion

If a lab is doing a char, soot, or ash analysis they are not doing a WILDFIRE smoke analysis and will not assist you in segregating what is wildfire impact as opposed to other sources of combustion

What You Need to Do

Perform surface tape sampling of horizontal hard surfaces

Do not take air samples or sample materials that have historical significance only

Utilize a lab that understands the requirements for verifying wildfire impact

Wildfire impact is generally not hazardous and can be cleaned without added precautions in most situations

Myths and Misconceptions

Wildfire impact can be evaluated utilizing a standard based on a certain percentage of char, soot, or ash present-FALSE

Fire seasons are getting longer and more severe and in fact, acreage burned since 1960 has doubled-TRUE

Sampling near to the time of the fire occurrence will generate a more accurate evaluation of any impact-TRUE

Every structure is impacted by combustion sources (char, soot, and ash) most of which are NOT related to wildfire impact-TRUE

Expert Services:
Commercial Property

Due Diligence

  • Site Investigations/Inspections
  • Cause of Loss Identification
  • Regulatory Review
  • Recommendations for Regulatory Compliance and Liability Protection
  • Emergency Response

Project Scope Development: New Construction, Renovation/Demolition

  • Creative Scope of Work Development
  • Liability Minimization
  • Project Oversight
  • Environmental Sampling
  • Client Interface

Emergency Response

  • Inspections/Moisture Mapping/Material Impacts
  • Environmental Sampling
  • Exposure Evaluation/Health Risk Consulting
  • Contractor Coordination
  • Media Interface

Operations and Maintenance

Expert Testimony

  • Environmental Risk
  • Employee/Occupant Health Risk

Education and Training

  • Risk Management Environmental Toolkits
  • Operations and Maintenance Programs
  • Competency Based Education Programs
  • Water Intrusion Plans
  • Hazard Assessment Critical Control Point (HACCP) Programs
  • White Paper Development

Webinars/Seminars- Managing Risk and Liability

  • Asbestos
  • Lead Based Paint
  • Mold and Water Intrusion
  • Wildfire Impact
  • Legionella
  • Bedbugs
  • Vapor Intrusion
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Norovirus

Commercial Property Risk Alert Service

  • Emerging Environmental Risk Information and Recommendations
  • Emerging Health Risk Exposure Information and Recommendations